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Your future baby, in 10 years?

This question often comes to the mind of a soon-to-be mother. That is because, in the months of pregnancy, leading to the birth of the baby, nothing is more important to the mother, the father, and the other family members than preparing and planning for the arrival of the little one. So it is no surprise that the mother, who is the bearer of the little one, will want to know who the child is going to look like. So if you too are a mother asking yourself what will my baby look like, then Make a Baby software or game is the thing you need.

The baby boy or girl, as the case may be, may look like any of the parents or even the grandparents and so on. It is only natural that all the family members of the soon-to-be born baby will be excited about knowing how the little one is going to look like. So they often discuss and debate over it. Instead of just imagining, they can also use a software program called morphing software to predict the face of the baby!

What will my baby look like?

This is a very useful software program, which works on the principle of morphing or superimposition. What one needs to do is, upload the pictures of the man and the woman whose baby’s face needs to be predicted. After the two pictures are uploaded, the software will use advanced technology to scan the salient features of the faces of the two adults and then morph them together to form a baby face. This baby face will not be a random baby face – it will probably look much like the real baby that is soon going to be born. Isn’t it is a fun and fantastic way of finding out the answer to the question what will my baby look like?

The only thing that one needs to take care of while uploading the pictures is that the faces of the two adults be clear in the pictures. The faces must be prominent and the software must not have any difficulty in reading the features of the faces. The inner contours of the noses, cheeks and jaws must be clear and for that a frontal view of the faces must be there in the pictures. And in no time you will no longer have to ask.


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