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What are the best virtual baby games?

Education should start from the infant stage with virtual baby games. Babies begin recognizing faces of their mother, father, sister and brother when they start recognizing each and every thing in this world after their birth. It is at this stage we should try to develop their intelligence. Babies start responding to melody sounds and slow movements of pictures and dolls. Most of the time babies sleep, but when they awake, we should create some joy for our babies with dolls such as cuddly toy bears and other small toys that make sounds.

Playing virtual baby games

You can move the toys close to them and check how they respond to each of the toy. Try to buy toys in which your babies show interest. You can take them to shops and babies starts pointing at some of the toys. Try to buy toys that are interested to your babies. Start moving the legs and hands of toys in front of your babies. They will show much interest and watch how the dolls are moving and making sounds. Battery operated toys that move on their own and make sounds on there are more useful to educating your babies. Intelligence development in your babies with virtual baby games should begin from the early age. We should spend more time playing with our babies entertaining with colorful dolls. Babies like dolls with attractive colors. So, give them soft and colorful toys and notice how they play with them. They try to learn from the sounds and movement of toys. Did you notice how they respond to playing dolls? They weave their hands and legs imitating the dolls. They start smiling and making sounds too.

If you keep the soft toys at a distance, babies starts crawling towards and try to catch them. In this way they try to learn how to move on their stomach and try to stand on their legs to start learning walking.

Baby games in the 21st century

In the modern age, many parents are not getting sufficient time to entertain their babies with physical soft and colorful toys. Instead they are using online virtual baby games to develop intelligence in their babies.

Many companies are engaged in offering online virtual baby games. A friend of mine actually showed me a picture generated from Make My Baby and it looked so much like mine! Some websites offer free online games to entertain your children. Our brain starts developing if we try to use them properly. When the baby starts using left hand, the right brain starts works whereas the left brain begins work when we move our right hand. Right brain is responsible for creativity. Many Americans use their left hand instead of right hand. When you keep your baby on your lap and starts displaying various colors on the desktop or laptop computer, your babies laughs and starts making sounds. They even start recognizing some patterns and begin to learn playing skills.


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