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A closer look at MakeMeBabies

A free web-based application called MakeMeBabies allows users to create a picture of what their baby might look like. All you have to do is upload your photo along with your partner’s photo to create the picture. The application makes use of an advanced technology that is used to detect faces and predict the picture of the baby. If the application does not seem too realistic in predicting the pictures it is because the genetics are far more complicated to be understood. However, it can be used for entertainment purpose the make a baby game is great!

MakeMeBabies application can be used for fun by choosing pictures of celebrities online and substituting it with the picture of you or your partner to create an imaginary celebrity baby. It could be a picture of your favorite superstar or even a member from a dating website. The picture that is generated can be shared with friends or can be embedded on to a personal website.

Are you expecting?

The expectant parents wondering what their child might look like can end the speculation by melding their pictures to get a peek at the future offspring. The MakeMeBabies application will give sufficient food for thought for couples who spend hours discussing what their baby might look like. This application will predict the picture in a few mouse clicks. To get access to this application you have to register online. You will be able to upload the photos only after the verification of your email address.

How you can use MakeMeBabies

The images to be uploaded on the website can be either in the PNG, JPEG, or GIF format. To get best results for the future baby picture it is advisable to upload a picture in which the face is totally visible and there is no use of sunglasses; no hair should be covering the face, and the eyes should be open. It is ideal if a person in the picture is looking straight into the camera. Even the full body pictures can be uploaded on the MakeMeBabies application. You can also view the picture in the choice of your frame.

When the photo is ready to be viewed the MakeMeBabies application lets you choose the gender of the baby, suggest the skin colour, and even name your baby, it’s time to find out what will my baby look like!


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