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A tutorial on how to make your baby with online generators

Make my baby is one of the leading baby generation services online, only problem is you need a phone to join and see what your future baby will look like, if you have one thats great, lets get started.. before I give you a full walkthrough of how to use make-my baby, head on over to their website and see if you can do it without me. If your still confused not to worry.

Getting started with Make my Baby (Step 1)

On the homepage your welcomed by a friendly bird, here you will be asked to upload two pictures, usually of you and a “love intrest” to see what your future baby would look like.. if things did work out with them ;)

Website example 1 of what will my baby look like.

Make my Baby Analysis (Step 2)

Once you’ve pass the first step and uploaded both your images, the software will start to analyze the two pictures you uploaded. Once it”s done analyzing it will ask you what color skin you have and the gender you”d like your baby to be, on this step make sure you have your phone at hand, you’ll need to enter your cell carrier after. It send the picture to your phone so it”s way easier to show friends.

Website example 2 of what will my baby look like.

Make my Baby Phone confirmation (Final Step)

Last, but not least, you”ll be asked for your phone number, it needs to know where to send your generated baby!

Website example 3 of what will my baby look like.

Now That was easy right? Done, enjoy your new cell phone baby :)


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