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What is Make me Babies?

Make me babies websites do not use any genetics technology to produce baby pictures online. It just analyses respective couples’s photographic features to generate pictures of nee babies. You can enjoy funny pictures. The websites allow you to download created baby pictures online. All you need to do is upload high resolution photos to “make me babies” websites. You just crop the pictures online to concentrate on the facial expressions. The rest of the process of generating pictures is done by online picture generators.

Websites that allow creation of babies online include totsites.com and makemebabies.com. It is a helpful tool for pregnant to imagine and see how her babies will look like. You need to sign up giving your details such as Parent’s first name, last name, country, postal code, email address, username, password and weblink address on make a baby websites such as totsites. It just takes few seconds to sign up for website. After sign up process is completed you can personalize your website. The site offers various features to personalize your website. You need to login to the website with your username and password. You will be asked to enter various details such as selecting secret question from the drop down box, entering answer to the secret question, selecting date format according to your country, entering measurement display including metric and other information specific to the website for first time you login to the website after sign up process. After entering all the details click on update button to complete account preference settings.

How do I use it?

You need to follow the same sign up process for similar make me babies websites. You can generate baby pictures online within seconds after uploading high resolution photos of yours and your partner. You can also create baby pictures by combining your picture with others to know how your new baby pictures vary by changing the partner’s photo.

All you need is a computer with Internet connection to enjoy creation of baby’s pictures online, no matter where you are situated. You can even share the pictures created online with your friends and relatives for fun.


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