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How do you make babies?

Make babies online using online baby picture generators. By simply submitting pictures of a couple online you can generate an image of a baby that is close to real. The future baby picture will be a real human face that resembles the characteristic features of both the parents. The baby picture is generated based on the facial features of the faces as rendered in the photographs. Just by submitting the pictures of your parents to the baby maker software you might be able see your own picture (well, almost).

How make babies works

The picture generators make use of face detection technology to predict pictures. The steps to follow are simple and less time consuming. Even pictures as small as the passport style pictures can be used to with the baby picture generator. The process that is involved in developing the picture includes retouching and analyzing of the pictures that have been uploaded to produce images of the kind of baby to expect. There are several online generators that help you make babies online free of cost.

The online applications to make babies are to be used mostly for entertainment purposes. The looks of babies in real life are more complicated to predict and will be different from the pictures rendered by the generators. For fun purposes you or your partner can even make babies with your most favorite celebrity simply by combining a picture of you or your partner with that of celebrity by choosing a picture from the list of celebrities online. Images that are generated can be shared with friends through emails or by getting prints of the same.

Start making your babies

Girlfriends, boyfriends, and couples mostly wonder what their baby would look like and try to understand the features that the baby will inherit from each of them. Expectant mothers and parents to be are often anxious to know what their offspring is going to look like. When the couples make babies using the picture generator, it gives them an edge in the this guessing game of questions to anticipate the facial features the baby is going to have such as whose eyes or nose the little will one get, etc. Some software use digital imaging of the couple’s facial features from the left, right and front angels to produce baby photos that have close resemblance to them.


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