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How can I make an online baby?

How do you Make a Baby? If you are thinking of making a baby biologically, think again. That is not what we are talking about here. We are talking about the software programs which allow you to find out how your future baby looks like. You would get many websites where you could insert two photographs and by means of morphing and other technologies, the website would give you the photo of a baby of those two people. While Make a Baby software programs do not necessarily produce authentic results, they are certainly imaginative and in many ways fun.

How to use make a baby

Do you want to find out how your and your boyfriend’s or girlfriend’s baby will look like? You just have to upload both of your pictures into a website that features the Make a Baby program, click on the button and lo and behold, you will get the picture of the baby. You could do that using your picture and that of a celebrity to find out how your baby with that celebrity or that movie star would look like. You could use it to find out how your friend’s babies would look like. Aside from being a quencher to your appetite it is also a great way to entertain yourself. You could spend hours having fun with different pictures and teasing your friend’s with it.

Baby picture quality..

The baby pictures from a baby maker generator program would really look like your babies of the future. The best that these software programs do is compare the facial features of the two people and make a combination of these facial features. Since your actual baby will have features based on genetics, which cannot be predicted since the combinations are multiple and the genes and associated feature types very complicated (not to mention our limited knowledge of genes), the result of the Make a Baby programs do not have much chance of imitating real life possibilities.

You would get the best results from the Make a Baby software programs if you were to use photos without any facial hair. You should not use photos with spectacles either. If you were to use baby photos of yourself, then also you may get good likenesses. All the same, using faces with beards, glasses etc., would make for some interesting pictures. If your purpose is entertainment, then you could do that too. Just remember that these are for entertainment and then start having fun.


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