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2 pictures = 1 future baby

How can I make babies using pictures?
It is fun to play with tools that let you make babies using pictures and find out what your baby will look like. What you would essentially be doing is predicting how your baby might look like. This is just for fun and to be taken very lightly, but at the same time, you will have a slight idea as to how the baby will turn out. To start, you first would have to download the application from the very many websites available. You would have to create an account and login for this. You can morph the face of the baby to resemble your spouse’s or yours face. What you would have to do is to put the pictures of yours and your spouse’s on the slot given and clicks the button. Within no time, you would get a picture with a combination of your spouse’s and your features.

Can I share it online with my friends?
This application is available on a number of networking websites like face book and twitter, and it can be shared with them for fun. So you can share the make babies using pictures link or application with your friends. These applications are free and can be downloaded even with a basic system and it does not take a lot bandwidth or system space either. Babies made online using pictures of celebrities.

Ever wondered what a baby with a celebrity’s and your features will look like?
Websites like makebabies, and allfreegames lets you mix the photos of celebrities and that of yours and throw up a resulting picture which could be hilarious. You can even mix two of the celebrities’ photos given over there and see what it would look like. They list out the most popular celebrities from all fields like movies, sports, politics, etc on their website for you to choose. One of the most popular set of celebrities is Obama and Sarah Palin’s. The list includes hot movies stars like Brad Pitt, Zac Efron, and Jennifer Lopez and sports icons like David Beckham.

Some of these applications are taking it one step further and are having the application, make babies using pictures, available on phones as well. Some even have contests running on who can make the best mixing by entering a photo. This may be a very advanced application, but remember that it is just for fun and not to be taken seriously.


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