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How to make a baby online

How can I make a baby online?
It is natural that all the first time mothers freak out when they come to know they are pregnant and the first thing they would do is go online and see what parenting is all about. It is for these first time mothers that there some websites which offer games, applications, photo-making and many more options on how to make a baby online. All of have heard of and played online farming, online mafia and some even had an online zoo and aquarium. You got to own a farm, look after animals and fish virtually. Now, in the same line, there are games to make a baby online and you get to look after a baby online too. The happiness and the energy that goes into looking after a baby can be, to a certain extent, experienced virtually too.

Do I get a hand in designing it?
With a make a baby online game, what you can do is pick the eye colour, types of nose, shape of ears etc and see how a baby made online looks. In short, you can design your own baby and make it as cute as you would want it to be. It is pretty much like dressing up a doll while playing. In fact this game may offer you to build a place for a baby, have a crib and much more.

Can I choose the gender?
Like mentioned before, what you can do in the game how to make a baby online is adopt a baby as the first step. Next you would have to do all those chores which you would do if you had a real baby. This may include a routine like changing the baby’s diapers, shopping for the baby, naming it, taking it for a walk and the rest of the chores. Basically what you are doing is taking care of your virtual baby just like the real one.

Where can I find them?
There are a few websites like cyberinfants which have make a baby online, adopt a baby online, type of games. The popular ones even have a second life. It is also sold as a CD rom so you can pick it up at a cd shop. So if you would want to know what it is to know have a baby or know the responsibilities of a baby, then make a baby online would teach you all you wanted to know.


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