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Things to do before your baby is born

Parents have always been eager to learn more about their own babies before they are born. Some of these couples are plain curious to know who their babies will resemble more – the mother or the father. Some others just wanted to know the gender of the baby. Yet some other couples want to know the answer to pre-determine whether the baby is going to be born with any physical disabilities.

Keeping each of these concerns in mind, scientists and researchers around the world have come up with solutions that are considered path breaking in the fields of both medical sciences as well as technology. By subjecting the pregnant woman’s womb to ultra sound, images as well as high quality videos of the womb are obtained. On watching the ultrasound footage, the doctors as well as the concerned mothers and fathers can determine what the baby will look like.

The ultrasonographic images and videos of a pregnant woman’s womb not only help a parent know the answer to find out what will my baby look like?, they also throw away the long nurtured myth that the human fetus is nothing but a dependent, lifeless, fragile and passive part of the body. When the gynecologist guides you through the results of the ultrasonography on the womb, you will get to see how full of life the womb is. The breakthrough in the field of gynecology lets expectant mothers in every stage as the fetus develops through each week or trimester. The parents nowadays get educated about how the baby lives inside its mother’s womb, its activities, its growth and development, etc.

In addition to the medical approach, there are many software programs available on the Internet, some for free and some for a fee that deliver the answer of expectant mothers. These software programs are not 100% accurate since they collect the facial features of the baby’s parents and come up with an estimated picture of a baby, which may or may not be the real look of the baby. More than for accuracy, this is done for fun.


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