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How accurate are these baby quizzes floating about?

There are hundreds of baby quizzes online, taking the Internet by storm. These quizzes are usually the multiple-choice type questionnaires that ask questions about everything from you and your partner’s ethnicity, looks, original hair color, height, weight, age, etc. After making the right choices, the website comes up with a probable answer to your query.

How baby generators work?

There are several factors such as genetics, heredity, etc., that govern the looks and built of the future baby of a couple. Usually a baby looks like either of the parents. But sometimes this does not happen. Many a times, people fail to understand which of the parents the baby actually resembles. There maybe several biological as well as evolutionary reasons behind it. The baby may also be born looking slightly like an outcast to the particular ethnicity he or she is born in to, even if both the biological parents have the same ethnic or racial background.

Almost all the quizzes available online take the general scenario in to their perspective and try and work out a logical solution accordingly. For example, when these quizzes get the answers to their questions telling them that both you and your partner have dark hair, they automatically assume that the baby would be born with dark hair too, and they generate an answer accordingly. What many of these quizzes do not take into account is the genes of the respective parents of the baby’s parents. They also play a role in shaping up the baby’s looks in reality.

Usually a pregnant woman is very curious to know more about her baby. At this point, she finds waiting for nine months to find out how the new member of the family will look like, an ordeal. This is where these quizzes come into the picture. These quizzes target this curiosity and impatience of the expecting mothers about their unborn babies and design the questions and answers accordingly. Thus before commencing with the quiz, the website usually warns the quiz taker to take the answer as a reference point only.


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