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How to plan for your new baby – 64 trillion possibilities

Based on studies carried out at MIT, every couple has a potential of producing 64 trillion different children, so basically that’s just a lot compared to the results that we can get on applications that can predict how our babies would look like. And since most traits can be determined by many genes and not just by a single one, truly there are so many possibilities on how your baby would look like as she comes out of her sac. Of course, there are also what they call as a dominant trait which would definitely show on the baby such as dimples or freckles which might come from the father or the mother.

First baby on it’s way?

I remember having my first baby, I tried using the application that would show you how your baby will look like and as a result the baby looked more like me, but when I finally get to see her after giving birth and as she grows, she looked more like her daddy, good thing I really didn’t expect much from it but it was really fun, knowing that she might actually looked like how she was predicted by that program how will your baby look like. Also, some applications would allow you to use any celebrity photos of your choice and see the results fun. Of course some people has celebrity crushes and idols while some really hope to marry them and so this is your chance to see if you would still want to be with them or just choose another celebrity.

As a new mom, things like predicting how my baby would look like or deciding what name should we give our children are exciting but the truth is, I consider it as a new challenge in life. In a few months, I will become a mom, and I will have my own family and I have to make sure I give her all the best that I can afford and keep her safe from any harm that might come her way. Parenting is fulfilling, rewarding and it gives you big responsibilities from the time your baby is born until he or she grows older, it’s as simple as parenting never ends. But of course in return I know that they will be as loving and as caring children as I give them all my best.

Planning for your first baby..

Are you hearing wedding bells somewhere down the road whenever you walk with your partner? Has he asked you already to marry him and be his lawfully wedded wife? Or maybe you felt that your boyfriend would be the perfect father you can ever imagine for your future kids? Well, congratulations, I’m sure there are so many things that are going on your mind right now, such as when are you going to get married or where? How can you look great on your wedding date, is he or she really the right person and of course, are you prepared to start your own family already. Maybe the answers are all yes, maybe some are unsure, but if these questions keep on popping to your mind for sure, you also thought about how your baby would look like if you finally decided to have one with your partner.

There are some families where in their children looks just the same as their other siblings, while some has different looks compared to his brothers or sisters. But nowadays, people just can’t wait to see how their babies are going to look like even before they are conceived, and you’ll be surprised that you need not have to go through any medical procedures at all, all you have to do is to purchase a software, and there are also some that are free, online and just paste your picture as well as your partner’s and there you have it, a predicted image of how your baby would look like basing on how you and you partners images. Now that’s really exciting isn’t it? If you want to go straight to finding out how your baby will look, jump over to the what will my baby look like homepage!

Aside from using software that predicts how your baby will look like, technology now offers a 4D ultrasound that shows you an image of your baby while still inside your belly tummy, this procedure is more effective since the images can be seen clearly and could be saved in a copy for you which you could document as years go by. On the other hand, most software that are being sold to predict how your baby would look like would also include different applications such as baby names, photo sharing as well as making photo albums.

Babies are every parent’s precious gifts for God, our role is not just to prepare on how they would like when they come out to the world but to make sure that they are always protected, loved and nourished every single day especially when they are still so fragile that they can only depend on us, especially the mothers. Expecting mothers however can find so many ways to enjoy her pregnancy, and even planning pregnancy, one of which is what we have mentioned which is predicting how your baby will look like, to have different results, you might want to check out different websites as well that offers this free application. If your wondering how the what will my baby look like software works you can read the baby generation page. Another thing would be searching for possible baby names, creating a journal of you progress, baby shopping and even attending seminars that could help you as a mother or as a couple prepare for the coming bundle of joy


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