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What will my baby look like in the future?

If you are expecting a baby, all you would always think will be ‘What will my baby look like.’ It is quite a normal question which all pregnant women ask. From the time you come to know you are pregnant, you can’t help but think about your baby, all the while. During this time, if you keep reading about how your baby is growing, you will feel much more secure and comfortable. To an extent, this can answer your question ‘What will my baby look like.’

What will the future hold?

In the first month, your baby will be known as a blastocyst. In the second month this blastocyst will transform itself into an embryo, and in your third month it becomes a fetus. Your baby weighs 14 grams and he/she is about 3.54 inches tall by the time you reach the end of your third month of pregnancy, or the 1st trimester of your pregnancy. At this stage if you do an ultrasound, you will be able to make out the eyes and ears of your baby and you will see that your baby’s head is about half the size of its body. This ultrasound may answer your question ‘What will my baby look like.’

The second trimester is probably a very comfortable time for you as a would-be mother. There are lots of changes happening in your baby. Your baby might now be responding to your touch. If you ask ‘What will my baby look like,’ your baby can now open his/her eyes now. The retina is just starting to develop. Your baby’s skin is wrinkled and the hair follicles are starting to grow on that much wrinkled skin. Your baby should weigh just about 2 pounds now. If you do an ultrasound, your doctor may even tell you the gender of your baby.

The third trimester is probably the time when most of the development takes place. Your baby starts gaining weight as much as an ounce per day and you start feeling heavier and heavier, week after week. If you are still wondering ‘What will my baby look like,’ you don’t have to wait for too long. Your baby is getting ready to come into the outside world by developing faster and faster. The smallest of your baby’s movements will be quite evident to you. The question what will my baby look like will keep coming to your mind quite often and every day will seem like a year to you, as you eagerly wait for his/her arrival.

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